In an increasingly global environment that connects our clients’ businesses to outlets all over the world, exposure to potential liability has never been greater.  Even when there have not been any crimes committed, the federal government’s ability to investigate corporate and individual transactions is immense.  As the Department of Justice seeks to balance policy goals of national security, rights and restitution of the victim, and political ramifications, consequences against the defendant can be severe.  Often, these investigations may not lead to convictions; however, the time, challenge, and capital spent to navigate them can be debilitating. Our team of dedicated professionals are well equipped to represent our clients in white collar defense and federal investigations.

The Department of Justice’s white collar prosecutions involve a wide range of federal activity.  The focus is typically on the client’s economic advantage in the interstate or international marketplace.  As such, the government’s actions are driven by a framework of federal regulators such as the Internal Revenue Service, Securities Exchange Commission, and the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  Furthermore, attorneys general, state, and local prosecutors have a variety of tools to also investigate and prosecute white collar cases.  Some of the more frequent investigations can involve insurance fraud, insider trading, securities fraud, hedge fund fraud, and stock manipulation.  Frequently, the investigations involve computer-to-computer, network, and internet transactions.  These engagements seemingly broaden the government’s ability to peer into the most private business and personal transactions of a respondent. Crimes involving computer fraud, wire fraud, and mail fraud are often implicated.

Federal and state white collar cases are complex.  As such, a team of skilled attorneys and experts should be assembled in order to assist in navigating the federal and state investigation framework and if required, criminal defense in prosecutions.  Sullivent & Fontanez is led by a team of former military officers who were prosecutors and advisors on highly complex federal issues.  Our attorneys are barred and licensed to practice in the United States District of Columbia, New York, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.  We have an impeccable bench and experience representing domestic and foreign entities and individuals with great success.

If you or your business is being targeted for a federal or state investigation, early intervention is critical.  The work is intense, meticulous, and time consuming but Sullivent & Fontanez is dedicated to its clients to deliver results.

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Robert Don Gifford
Of Counsel

Robert Gifford is a former Assistant US Attorney and Army lawyer serving clients in white collar defense and federal investigations.

Vincent Auricchio
Of Counsel

Vince is an exceptional Chicago attorney with years of distinguished business litigation and real estate experience.

Tom Sullivent

Tom has been practicing law since 1996 and is located in the Tulsa office.

Noah Fontanez

Noah Fontanez is an accomplished attorney representing clients within the US and abroad.

Eric Holey

Eric is an outstanding attorney who is experienced in Corporate Law. Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Construction, Estates, and Litigation.

Jessica Ridenour

Jessica is a sharp attorney. Her impressive research and writing skills are a great value to our litigation and appellate clients.