Our experienced real estate attorneys provide comprehensive legal services across the spectrum of real estate clients and transactions.  Most of our clients require legal assistance with transactions involving buying, selling, leasing, developing, or managing property interests over long or short terms.  Each transaction is unique, so it is a great benefit to have an attorney with knowledge and experience across a broad range of topics that could impact a successful transaction.

For example, when a business or individual client acquires a real estate interest, they typically request assistance through a phased transaction that involves inspections, appraisals, financing arrangements, title research and clearing, negotiating terms of a purchase and sale agreement, closing, and delivery.  Often, there are post-acquisition matters as well, particularly in the case of property development.  Many ancillary matters (if not within the original transaction) involve regulatory aspects such as zoning, mineral interests, or environmental.

The attorneys at Sullivent & Fontanez offer a personal touch to these transactions in order to ensure that your real estate purchase, sale, lease, or development is tailored to the client’s needs. Our attorneys have been involved in major real estate transactions involving government and non-governmental land acquisitions, rights of way, property development, purchase and sale agreements, title research, and property management.

Our attorneys routinely assist property management companies with commercial and residential leasing. In this capacity, our clients have relied on our attorneys for assistance in enforcing lease obligations. We have litigated thousands of forceable entry and detainer cases since 2009 and continue to provide eviction counsel on a weekly basis.

It is essential for our residential property managers to understand the Oklahoma Residential Landlord & Tenant Act to avoid potential liability in this sensitive area of the law. Some highlights include understanding the restrictions involving collecting and maintaining deposits, charging late fees, initiating eviction actions preceding with notices to quit and related timelines, and the limitations on a landlord’s ability to lock a tenant out. Mistakes in any of these areas can be very costly. Liability can also involve criminal action in the case of mishandling deposits.

For commercial leases, it is vital to understand the contract and the circumstances of a breach.

Sullivent & Fontanez has a long history of representing property management companies. We offer a unique personal touch to these matters that maximizes efficiency and professionalism.

Oil and gas is a very complex industry that involves many aspects of real estate law.  Our attorneys are experienced oil and gas and real estate attorneys. The beginning of most oil and gas acquisitions start with a run on title to a particular property that gives the oil and gas company information about all the stakeholders involved.  These stakeholders for a particular property have varying rights.

For example, a mineral interest owner has the right to paid for access to his or her minerals and then typically has the right to be paid on production.  For the mineral interest owner, these rights are found in statute, case law, and often memorialized or limited by contract, such as an oil and gas lease.  Another example is the rights of the surface owner who can restrict access to the property.  A surface interest owner often has the right to compensation for allowing access and has the right to paid for damages as a result of that authorized access.

Other stakeholders may include Native American interest owners whose access to minerals may be restricted by federal law and managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Oil and gas transactions involving property are complex. It is important to engage an experienced attorney with diverse industry experience. Our attorneys at Sullivent & Fontanez prioritize oil and gas as a vital component of our national framework.  We have the expertise and a strong desire to advise and assist our clients with these complicated issues.

Led by attorney, Aaron Fortner, our Nashville real estate team has performed over 20,000 real estate transactions within Tennessee. Aaron is a licensed title insurance agent and real estate attorney with years of experience. His office delivers prompt and professional real estate transaction services for our clients, lenders, and real estate agents.

Among the services offered in Nashville and surrounding areas are document preparation and title opinion work for banks, which are services that title companies legally cannot and should not provide. Other services include escrow and closing.

Expanding our real estate services to the Nashville area and throughout Tennessee is vital to our clients and growth of our firm. We are excited to be on the cutting edge of the real estate industry to provide you with fast and effective legal means for your purchase, sale, lease, or property development.

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