Nationwide Government Contract Experts

Government Expertise

Our Government Contracts team is comprised of lawyers with years of government experience.  This includes years of active duty time as an Army Judge Advocate and current time in the Army Reserves.  We have routinely expertly advised senior military leaders on government acquisitions, government contracts, ethics, post-government employment activities, and fiscal law.  Our knowledgebase includes all phases in the procurement and award process; including advice on proposal preparation, contract award challenges, and performance issues.

Serving as the government contract team lead, Noah Fontanez, has a deep understanding of government agency requirements.  He is an expert with Federal Aviation Administration regulatory enforcement and has recently served as the United States Army Central Command's Chief of Contract and Fiscal Law.  In that role, Mr. Fontanez’ keen understanding of the US defense environment and strong strategic skills are a huge value added to our clients.

Our team of veterans and experienced government agency attorneys have a unique understanding of the current defense strategic and operations environment.  We approach from a strategic view, including what is the overall intent, what are the capabilities involved, what are the methods of employment, and how does it interact with the organization as a whole, as well as other stakeholders and partners?  With all of that in mind, we are confident we can develop a strategy for success.