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“Our aviation attorneys can help you avoid complex regulatory pitfalls.”

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At Sullivent & Fontanez PLLC, our aviation attorneys have litigated hundreds of cases and represented countless clients with defective aircraft title and other disputes ranging from insurance issues, breaches of contract, to federal regulatory matters.  As aviation attorneys, we are uniquely situated to see the numerous defects in title or anticipate other transactional issues. Our lead aviation attorney, Noah Fontanez, has many years of industry experience starting from his days as a Marine Corps airspace command and control officer to his current days as an aviation attorney spanning over 20 years.

Aircraft Title

Noah Fontanez and our law firm have a coveted seat at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) public documents room in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This allows our law firm the ability to rapidly access all aircraft registry documents filed within the United States tailored to your specific aviation needs.

In many instances, pilots and aircraft owners have no idea about their title defects until its time to sell or register the aircraft.  Title issues can paralyze an aviation transaction requiring complex legal solutions. Defects can be as broad as forged conveyances, errant deregistrations, invalid documents due to lack of signing authority, litigation involving the aircraft, tax liens, mechanics’ liens, and other unreleased security instruments. In the worst cases, aircraft are purchased from foreign sellers who are later found to not have owned the aircraft causing forfeiture of the entire asset. 

 An effective aviation attorney can assist with due diligence prior to completing your aircraft transaction.  Our aviation lawyers stand ready to use their diverse resources to verify marketable title.  Within the United States, the FAA statutorily serves as a repository for all aircraft registration records within the United States. Additionally, federal and local tax records, courts and administrative agencies can uncover title defects.  For international assets, the International Registry serves a critical role.  The International Registry (IR) is an electronic registry that operates under the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol adopted on the 16th of November 2001. Like the FAA, the IR is an electronic repository for the registration and the protection of qualifying interests. Within the IR, priority is determined on a “first-to-file” basis.

Title defects cause aircraft owners and lenders hundreds of thousands of dollars; in some cases, millions of dollars.  Surprisingly, many airplane buyers buy aircraft without hiring an aviation attorney to conduct due diligence.  Often, the defects are not discovered until a purchase and sale many generations from the originating title issue. The exorbitant costs and unnecessary lender risk can be avoided. A good aviation lawyer can assist with your aviation transaction to avoid future headaches.

  • Aviation Attorney with a Seat at the FAA Registry and IR experience

Our aviation attorneys have operated within the aviation industry for many years.  Our seat at the FAA registry allows us to have immediate access to all FAA registry records to perform due diligence on all aircraft within the United States.  Furthermore, our aviation attorneys have experience with researching title on the IR.

Why our Aviation Law Firm?

  • Aviation Law Experience

Attorney, Noah Fontanez, currently serves as a Legal Services Panel Attorney for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and is long term member of the Lawyer Pilots Bar Association

AOPA represents the largest aviation community in the world.  Currently, AOPA offers financial services, training and safety products, legislative and individual advocacy.  They also maintain the largest Aircraft Owners publication in the world with millions of subscribers and members. 

Our relationship with AOPA is incredibly strong.  As a Legal Services Panel Attorney, Noah Fontanez routinely assists his clients with FAA enforcement actions, aviation transactions, aviation litigation, and more. Additionally, Noah Fontanez is an expert with federal aviation regulations. As a pilot representative, Noah Fontanez has been instrumental in pursuing amendments to operational limitations for aircraft. He has also pursued exemptions to FAA regulations and has experience with administrative investigations and rulemaking.

Our law firm can save the consumer pilot and aircraft owner millions of dollars.  However, the industry is grossly underrepresented within the United States. 

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Sullivent & Fontanez can provide the choice that aircraft owners are desperately looking for.  Our aviation attorneys can help you avoid complex regulatory pitfalls!

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